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Do you need something bespoke? Is there something unique you’re after that you can’t find anywhere on the market? We love to design and make from scratch, so whatever it is, we’re up for the challenge.

Over the years, we’ve done a wide range of bespoke pieces, from flip-down seats to pullout tables. Below are a few examples, which we’ve made in our workshop in Nether Edge for homes in Sheffield and Derbyshire.

Many of our pieces have a backstory, made from reclaimed timber with a previous life as church pews, school lab benches or stage floorboards. Some of them are made from locally sourced timber. Others are created from interesting sustainable materials, such as a solid surface made from recycled paper.

All of them are unique, and have been designed to be functional as well as beautiful.

Cutlery Trays

We make bespoke cutlery trays for a lot of our customers out of birch-faced ply or solid oak. These just slot into their kitchen drawers for extra storage organisation.

Bath Panels

Timber touches don’t have to remain in the kitchen domain! This gorgeous bath panel was made from a reclaimed iroko lab bench. The timber brings a glowing warm feeling to a simple functional room.

bathroom featuring reclaimed iroko timber bath side panel

Flip Down Seat

This flip-down or fold-away seat was designed for a client who was looking for a compact seat in their entrance hall to perch on whilst taking shoes on and off.

The reclaimed iroko works really well, combined with the ash detailing along the front edge of the seat.

We designed the steel hinges and had them manufactured in Sheffield. The zinc coating gave the finish our client was looking for.

flip down fold-away seat made from reclaimed timber

Bespoke Kitchen Units

This bespoke unit was created from locally sourced solid oak and a solid surface made from recycled paper. The recycled paper surface is incredibly tactile, and develops a lovely patina, much like wood does.

Once installed in its new home, it adds an interesting adjunct to the large kitchen island as well as handy open storage (see below). The recycled paper shelves tie in nicely with the main worktop.

clamped up bespoke kitchen unit in workshop made from solid oak and recycled paper solid surface

Bread-making Trolleys

This freestanding, bespoke bread-making unit (right) was designed to house flour bins and breadboards. It was designed to fit underneath our client’s worktop when not in use.

And pulled out, it is the perfect height for kneading bread. The spalted beech timber gives it huge amounts of character, and ties in with the rest of their kitchen.

bespoke handmade pullout breadmaking trolley from spalted beech

Pull-out Tables

Another of our clients wanted a seating and eating area, which would tuck away when not needed to maximise space in their kitchen. We designed this bespoke pullout table in solid oak. The table recedes to be neatly concealed within the drawer unit when not in use.

Wine Box Shelving

Whilst others wanted to incorporate some wine boxes with sentimental value into the design of their new kitchen. We created a set of open shelves from them, which look fab as well as being hugely functional…

… and they add loads or character to their light and airy kitchen.

Mini Breakfast Bars

This bespoke breakfast bar was made from reclaimed iroko lab benches and houses a set of waste bins concealed in the deep pullout drawer underneath.

If you’re thinking about getting a timber worktop, you might want to see this: Six Reasons Why Clients Choose a Timber Worktop

Original and Unique Splashbacks

Another service we offer is producing unique glass splashbacks for your kitchen. If you have an image or artwork that you want to replicate on a larger scale behind your hob, we can have it digitally printed behind toughened glass.

One of our clients is artist and wanted to produce an original piece of art to incorporate in her kitchen as a splashback. Which is exactly what we did. The result was stunning.

More advice on splashbacks and upstands here

original artwork and sample of digitally printed glass splashback to match

Scribed to Fit

We all know walls aren’t straight. Whether it’s an bamboo windowsill in a tight recess (above left) or an old stone wall (above right) we ensure that our kitchens are fitted to the space beautifully.

And rooms don’t always have square corners! We designed this one to fit a more quirky kitchen space – we love a challenge!

solid cherry timber worktop and stainless steel inset sink

So as you’ve seen, if there’s something you need that you can’t find already made, just name it. We’ll do our best to make your dream kitchen with all those details to make it unique.


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