If you are looking for ways to curate an aesthetic kitchen for your home, the good news is that there are a number of ways you can go about doing this. 

There are a whole host of possibilities in which you can create your dream aesthetic kitchen. These range from something as simple as altering the colour scheme of your space to changing the component materials of your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas and run though our top tips to create an aesthetic kitchen.

Kitchen aesthetics with a high-contrast colour scheme

You can build kitchen aesthetics right into the colour scheme of your kitchen using a high contrast colour palette. This gorgeous kitchen in London uses textured black cabinetry with a smooth, marbled Dekton countertop and white walls. 

This creates a highly aesthetic, sophisticated interior with edgy vibes. The high-contrast colour palette creates visual drama that effortlessly overwrites the need to do much more with the interior decor.

The result is a sleek, minimalist kitchen with hefty doses of form and function built into it. Dive deeper into the design choices of this kitchen here.

Design detail: Herringbone flooring

Design detail: Sleek, minimalistic lights

Blending traditional and modern – reimagining shaker kitchen aesthetics

Design detail: Flowers in complementary colours

Design detail: Contemporary under-cabinet lighting

When it comes to shaker kitchens, our mind naturally conjures up traditional farmhouse style kitchens.

If you are fond of shaker style kitchen cabinetry, you can also give it a beautifully modern and aesthetic finish. To do this, opt for contemporary colours and kitchen elements. 

For example, this highly aesthetic shaker-style kitchen boasts a functional built-in larder as well as stacked ovens. These elements are also combined with under-cabinet lighting. Together with the gorgeous deep blue fronts, it creates a space that is contemporary while still feeling warm and welcoming. 

You can further enhance the aesthetics by using accessories that bring out the key design elements of your kitchen. Here the bright red pop of tulips contrasts beautifully with the blue of the cabinetry. The result highlights the confident choice of colours. 

Check our more detailed images of this gorgeous kitchen here.

Mellow colour scheme with exquisite accents

Design detail: Focal pendants

Design detail: Accent wall

Design detail: Reflective Surfaces

Creating an aesthetic kitchen does not mean you have to move mountains. Even a purely functional kitchen with a soft colour scheme can be uplifted effortlessly with the right accents. 

This mellow, open-plan kitchen makes clever use of focal pendants to draw the eye in. Firstly, this cleverly highlights the subtle functional design details. The highly reflective countertops bounce the light around, instantly brightening up the space. 

Secondly, the carefully thought out colour scheme aesthetically ties the entire space together. The kitchen cleverly picks up colours from the open plan living area and uses it on a corner accent wall. The result is a beautifully unified space with functional zones and a highly aesthetic kitchen that flows like a dream.

Discover the clever design choices that make up this kitchen here.


Natural materials offset by contemporary accessories

If you are a fan of natural materials, you don’t need to settle for a colourless, lukewarm kitchen. With the right combination of natural materials, colour combinations and key accents, you can inject tonnes of aesthetic charm into your unique space.

This gorgeously modern kitchen uses real timber countertops all throughout the space. However instead of just sticking to neutral natural wood, the cabinetry has been painted a distinct blue. The resulting colour complements the reddish tones of the timber perfectly.

Ugly house to lovely house bespoke kitchen by Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

Design detail: Indoor plants

Design detail: Yellow accessories

Design detail: Blue cabinetry

But that’s not all. Bright yellow barstools and the warm tones of the brass tap become third dimensions to this primary colour triad, serving plenty of eye candy wherever you look.

To finish off, fresh indoor plants add on another aesthetic layer to a rich decor base. Zoom in on the design features of this kitchen here.

brass tap in timber worktop infront of vertical white tiled wall

Design detail: Brass tap

Lastly, in this kitchen, the naturally warm tones of the bamboo countertops are offset to perfection with a cool and contemporary green colour palette for the cabinetry. Find out what else makes this kitchen tick here.

green kitchen with bamboo worktop and shelving

Design detail: Green cabinetry

Design detail: Clean, minimalist lines

Design detail: Monochrome colour palette

Let design do the talking

Sometimes, the best way to achieve a highly aesthetic kitchen is to let go of fussy interior decor choices and simply let the design do the talking. 

This gorgeous compact kitchen effortlessly shows off its clean lines and ample storage by removing all visual noise. The fresh whites bounce plenty of natural light around. This results in creating a bright and aesthetically pleasing space that feels light and welcoming.

Discover how this small kitchen leaves a big impact here.

In conclusion

Now that you have a bunch of ideas on how to curate an aesthetic kitchen for yourself, it is time to start building your idea board. We recommend Pinterest for its simplicity and wealth of visual inspiration. Don’t forget to pin this article to your ideas board for reference to remind you of these top tips for an aesthetic kitchen. Happy planning!

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