Sustainable Kitchens

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, there’s a lot that goes on in it. Often pushed for space, we have to try and accommodate all those kitchen gadgets, supplies and equipment, whilst leaving space for food prep, dining and entertaining.

If you’re trying to make the most of a small kitchen, we have a wealth of ideas to help. We design every kitchen from scratch and use clever tricks for maximising space in each one. Here are eight ideas to use space cleverly to get the most out of your room.


Incorporate a Pullout Table

One of our clients asked us to design a pullout kitchen table that wouldn’t dominate the room when not in use, like their old one did. They were keen to maximise space in the kitchen, so they would have more room to move around while preparing food. But still be able to sit and eat when they wanted to. We came up with a neat solution for them, a pull-out table which slotted away between cabinets. It maximises storage and looks fantastic.






These can provide a neat solution to tiny spaces, really maximising storage.

We can incorporate pull out storage into the narrowest of spaces, making use of every nook and cranny.






Plinth heaters are an efficient use of dead space, and can take the chill off your feet when making tea on those cold winter mornings.

If you’re short of space to place a radiator or other heaters elsewhere in the room a plinth heater located at floor level in the “kickspace” can be a really neat solution.






Corner pullouts allow you to easily access the back of the cupboard…

…without scrabbling around on your hands and knees…

… which means you can really maximise storage space.



Hang a Pan Rack

Hanging pans on a rack above the stove makes use of what otherwise might be dead space. It also gives you easy access to cookware you need frequently.




Storage at a

High Level

Shelving over a fridge freezer is another way of making use of dead space, and is useful for things you don’t use on a daily basis.



Consider a Bespoke Larder

A larder can be an efficient way of storing all dry goods in one, easy-to-view place, whether it’s a more traditional freestanding version…

…or a a more modern take on it in a fitted version, with pullout drawers like these three below.



Be Creative in the Breakfast Bar Area

A breakfast bar (and it doesn’t have to be a large one!) is a great location for a pullout bin drawer, maximising space and allowing easy access.

See more of our bespoke pieces here



Clear Your Useable Worktop Space

Storing your microwave out of sight, leaves more space on your worktop side for food prep and keeps things looking clear and tidy.

The door lifts up and out of the way to give easy access to it when needed.

Open cupboard revealing concealed microwave

So if you’re limited on space, there are many different elements we can incorporate into your kitchen design to make the room work for you. If you want to chat through your plans, just give us a call, or for more advice on planning a kitchen check out more on our advice centre. 


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